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Curtain Wall Systems

Glass Curtain Walls wrapping large multi-storey buildings allow for a stunning look, extra character and much more natural light than allowed through by other forms of cladding. A Legend Glass Curtain Wall System, framed in lightweight aluminium, and comprised of the highest quality glass, will add a stylish finish to a large building. A beautiful architectural feature made popular by the Modernist movement, a glass curtain wall system also keeps the weather out, and contributes greatly to thermal efficiency.

Call Legend Glass today to discuss your project; our experts are skilled in the planning and undertaking of such large projects.  Our company has a rich heritage in the supply and installation of quality glass, having been established over 35 years ago.  We are a family run business, with a passion for glass and the beautiful design effects that can be created.

Our team will discuss your design ideas and needs, and we will conduct as many site visits as is necessary to ensure a safe and beautiful installation of your curtain wall system.  

Your project will be carefully planned, fitting exactly to the building’s structure to maximise safety and efficiency.  We guarantee the highest quality workmanship.

It is our goal to ensure that your building has a unique look that really stands out in the cityscape.

Benefits of Curtain Wall Systems:

  • They are non structural and do not add to the structural load, they resist air and water infiltration, and absorb wind sway
  • Unlike traditional cladding systems, curtain wall systems do not compromise the future condition of the building, due to not being part of the building structure
  • In many cases, curtain wall systems can be built off site into large panels, cutting out a lot of on site installation
  • The addition of a glass curtain wall can contribute to energy efficiency as the addition of this extra layer helps with the heating and cooling of the building

There are 2 options for the installation of a curtain wall system, and at Legend Glass we will plan and install the best system for your building. The stick system involves framing and fitting each piece of glass individually, whereas the pre built system is constructed into larger panels which are then installed.

Our experts will consult with you regarding the best option for your project ensuring maximum safety, cost-effectiveness, and of course a visually wonderful finish.


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