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At Legend Glass we supply self closing swing doors as well as sliding doors. We supply and fit to domestic and commercial premises and offer a wide range of options to suit your requirements.

Glass doors offer an amazing opportunity to increase light in the interior of a commercial building, or in your home.  Legend Glass can fulfill your design brief whilst simultaneously ensuring that your doors are safe and functional.  We carry out rigorous testing in order to assure our clients of this.

In commercial premises Legend Glass can advise on the best way to depict a logo, design or lettering on the glass.  Our expertise will ensure that your branding is beautifully conveyed to every person who enters.

In domestic situations where you have specific design ideas we can guide you to ensure the best possible effects for your space, and supply high quality glass accordingly

Legend Glass can supply to any size or design specification, and will ensure the safety and security of our glass and fittings.  From ordering to installation, our team are focused on a safe and aesthetically pleasing result

Please note that all glass products supplied by Legend Glass comply with the latest UK regulations. We source locally wherever possible in order to lessen the carbon footprint and provide the best value for our clients.


Reasons to Choose Us

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Every Installation Finished to Perfection
Guaranteed the  highest quality products and services.
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Over 10,000 Properties Transformed
Thousands of residential and commercial properties trust Legend Glass.
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Innovative Design Solutions
Multiple sizes, shapes and finishes for all kinds of projects.
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