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We comprise of a small team of highly skilled artisans, offering glass fitting services in both residential and commercial settings. Please see below the list of services that we provide. Should you not find your requirements below, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss possible solutions:

Glass Supplies & Installations

All our staff are experienced professionals and take pride in their work. Whatever your needs, you can be sure that all of us at Legend Glass will go above and beyond to supply and install your glass efficiently and effectively. Our process involves meeting with you to discuss your needs and survey the site, source, and supply the optimal glass needed, and finally install it for you with great care and precision. Please note that all glass products supplied by Legend Glass comply with the latest UK regulations. We source locally wherever possible.

Standard & Custom-Made Mirrors

We can supply and install unique mirrors of all shapes and sizes, as well as custom design tinted mirrors in the colour you desire. With almost any colour to choose from to make your house or business stand out, our most popular trends are mirror tinting in bronze, silver, gold and black. We are also one of the few businesses in glass that offer antique mirrors, with almost 25 options to choose from. Our process involves meticulous work, as we polish and bevel all edges as required, and make any cut-outs that might be needed to ensure the perfect fit. We also consider the environment in which the mirror will be placed. For example, in wet or humid environments, we supply the mirror with a foil-back and install it using a special silicone adhesive to ensure its’ protection from the negative effects of humidity in the long run.

Glass Stairways, Banisters & Balustrades

Supplied and installed to your exact conditions, we make sure that everything is in strict compliance with local and national regulations. Once we have discussed your requirements, we will advise you on the glass specifications, and on the best and safest fittings and fixtures. Stability and safety are our top priority; however, we will also ensure the most discreet and aesthetically pleasing option for you. Glass stairs and balustrades are a great option for any commercial or domestic building allowing natural light flow through the space.  At Legend Glass we can help you create a great modern look.


Glass Doors

At Legend Glass we supply self closing swing doors as well as sliding doors. We can supply to any size or design specification, and we test thoroughly for safety and the best ergonomic function. Glass doors are a great option to increase light in the interior of your home or commercial premises. Should you require a design on the glass, or text or a logo for doors in commercial properties, we can advise on the best way to achieve this. We will also order and install the glass and fittings for you.

Glass Shop Fronts

We provide elegant glass shop fronts for boutiques, galleries, bars, restaurants, or any other kind of shop. Whether it be a simple or bespoke design, our staff will meet to discuss the best solution and supply high quality glass for your business. Should you be dealing with an architect, you can provide us with the technical drawings to confirm dimensions and specifications to ensure that everything is accurate. Legend Glass are so committed to precision, that we make templates of irregular designs on site to guarantee that perfect fit.

We are also able to assist with company logos and designs etched on to the glass, should that be something you require.

Glass Shelving

Legend Glass make shelving easy with the endless options that we provide. Corner units, quarter or half circle shelves, customised designs, toughened or laminated shelving, tinted, black or even low-iron glass – we have all your needs covered. With Low-Iron glass being a popular choice for frameless glass walls and appearance-driven applications, it is known to be the clearest option available as there is no green tint seen at all. All our shelving is supplied with polished edges and can even be bevelled if required. Glass Shelving is a must have for many commercial properties, especially in retail situations.  However it can also look very modern and stylish in the home, so please speak to us if you’d like to have a classy corner unit or set of shelves created for your living space.

Glass Shower Enclosures & Bath Screens

Nothing completes a bathroom quite like an exquisite glass shower enclosure or bath screen. We offer this as toughened glass, both framed or frameless, or we can custom size and design it for you. We have many framed options available, but our gold, black and chrome are the most popular choices, as they give your bathroom that luxurious finish. We offer clear, frosted or tinted glass for shower and bath screens, these can be completely customisable to suit your needs or ideas. Or for a truly modern look, use beautiful plain frameless glass. Whatever your vision, we can make it a reality at Legend Glass.

Glass Splashbacks

Legend Glass offer elegant and functional toughened glass splashbacks.

These easy-to-clean splashbacks make it simpler for you to maintain optimal hygiene and cleanliness in the areas that they serve. We can supply these in any colour for kitchens, bathrooms, shops, businesses or even restaurants. Where possible, we are able to install single panes of up to 5 metres in length to give it that seamless and exquisite finish.

A splashback from Legend Glass can add a really classy finish to your bathroom, kitchen, shop or restaurant.  Speak to us about our wide range of options.

Glass Roofs & Skylights

Where there is a need for a glass roof or skylight in your private residence or small business premises, we at Legend Glass will make your safety our top priority whilst also ensuring attractiveness. Once we have established your requirements, we will have the glass cut and processed in accordance with the specifications and install it for you with complete care and precision. Rooflights and Roof Lanterns can let in twice as much light as vertical windows, which can really transform a living space or a commercial entertainment space.  At Legend Glass we ensure no heat is lost from the room due to our high quality glass and fitting.

Walk on Glass

A walk on glass floor is a dramatic and striking feature in any internal or external premises. It becomes an effective solution for increasing the amount of light that flows through any property, or even as a statement feature over a well in a garden. These walk on glass floors provide a superb combination of style and functionality, making just about any interior or exterior space look great. Give us a call at Legend Glass to discuss your requirements.  We can supply walk on glass in a range of sizes, ensuring your new feature looks stunning, and is totally safe!


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