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Standard & Custom Made Mirrors

Mirrors are not just placed in a room so that you can check your reflection! At Legend Glass we know that a mirror can transform a room, creating space and light and also performing a decorative function as part of the interior design of a property. Legend Glass can supply and install unique mirrors of all shapes and sizes, adhering to your specifications. So whatever your idea, ask us and we can work together to make it a reality. As experts in glass with over 35 years’ experience we can provide a truly bespoke look for your project.

We are also proud to offer custom design tinted mirrors in the colour you desire. With almost any colour to choose from to make your house or business stand out, our most popular trends are mirror tinting in bronze, silver, gold and black. Check out our Gallery pages for some truly beautiful examples.

Legend Glass are one of the few businesses in glass that offer antique mirrors, with almost 25 options to choose from. Our process involves meticulous work, as we polish and bevel all edges as required, and make any cut-outs that might be needed to ensure the perfect fit. This type of work takes real skill, and as a team of true artisans we are proud to be able to work with antique mirrors in this way.

We also consider the environment in which the mirror will be placed. For example, in wet or humid environments, we supply the mirror with a foil-back and install it using a special silicone adhesive to ensure its’ protection from the negative effects of humidity in the long run. These considerations allow you to enjoy the look of your mirror for years to come!

Please note that all glass products supplied by Legend Glass comply with the latest UK regulations. We source locally wherever possible in order to lessen the carbon footprint and provide the best value for our clients.


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